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This site was started by Raymond W. Burckholter and Klaus Schroder in 1998, but for some reason the site was taken down in 2018. As a bridge player, I was finding what I was looking for internet about bridge, and there are unheard of information on topics that you cannot think of such as all kinds of conventions, players, tournaments, bridge sites, bridge programs with different variations. We owe a great thanks to Raymond W. Burckholter and Klaus Schroder, who have put a lot of effort into the site.

I did not accept the disappearance of this site that I liked, and I realized a version as close to the original content as I could manage. I'm going to need a lot of help with updates. Most of the information on the site is anonymous, but we keep it on behalf of Raymond W. Burckholter and Klaus Schroder until we reach them here. We hope we can reach them soon.