The attempt has been undertaken to put together, compile, and alphabetically list an index of bridge terms to help the bridge player. There are very many phrases, terms, and designations used regarding the play, the bidding, the post mortems, and many other aspects of the game.

In addition the attempt has been undertaken to explain the meanings of certain phrases. In addition, the attemplt has been made to add several explanations of bridge events, bridge trophies, and bridge organizations.

The attempt is to cover as many elements of the game of bridge as possible, and included are short explanations of conventions, treatments, and methods, which have modern day application, and those which do not. If any bridge player, or even non-bridge player, wishes to contribute any bridge-relating information, then the request is to send that contribution via email. The readesr, the visitors, the students are our best source of information.

The attempt is being undertaken to bring also to this website bridge terminology, definitions, and the communication of the game of bridge between partners in other languages. This will be a continuous process, but the desired information will be added as found.

English - Afrikaans
The informative translation was compiled by Mr. Johan Dorfling of the Cutting Bridge Academy. The date of the final online publication is May 5, 2010. The student shoud be aware that this remains an individual, however excellent, work attempting to introduce the game of bridge and should be viewed as such and not viewed as the ultimate or last instance.